School plays an important role in our life. Studying and finding out something new is a leading spiritual need of a human being. Thatґs why we spend a considerable part of our life in school. First we go to primary school, then to the secondary and afterwards to the higher institutes. So itґs quite natural that nowadays education is in the center of attention. The economic situation in our country improved greatly so the authorities finally started to think about the future. It is well-known that children are our future. Future prosperity of our country depends on their upbringing and education.
This year brought some positive changes to Russia, Moscow and Zelenograd. But there are some alarming tendencies as well. For example, the commercialization of Higher Educational Institutions is still increasing.
This year we celebrated several anniversaries of educational institutions. The main one is the 40th Jubilee of the largest Zelenograd College - MIET (Moscow State Institute of Electronic Technology (Technical University). Itґs well-known for its achievements, teaching staff, and graduates. Its educational policy is future-oriented. Its projects are oriented on Russian breakthrough in high tech sphere.
Kindergartens №14, CPMSS and schools № 845, 897, 719, 1913, DOU (infant schools) № 454, 444, 455, 861, 2310 and others have also celebrated their anniversaries.
Our educational district is still one of the best in Moscow. It was awarded the 1st place in the contest of the capitalґs districts, 2005.
The program "STOLICHNOYE OBRAZOVANIE-4" (Capital Education-4) is still working as well. Our pupils won several "Olympiads" (special school contests). 203 school graduates received medals for excellent study. (84 gold medals and 119 silver ones.) Teachers have also shown first-rate work. They took numerous places in numerous pedagogical contests and proved to be one of the best. Computerization of all Zelenograd schools was over this year.
The Museum of Soviet Union Marshal K. ROKOSSOVSKY was opened in school №1150. Kindergarten №2292 (the Head - L. DENISOVA) became the best in Moscow and won the city contest "Kindergarten 2005". Primary school-kindergarten №1853 (director G. KUVSHINOVA) was the best in "Moscow Yard-2005" contest in category "The Best School and Kindergarten Yard".
The director of primary school-kindergarten №1762 L.KRUGLOVA won All-Russian Contest "Leader in Education" in nomination "Leader in Pre-school Education."
  • The seminar of teachers

    The seminar of teachers

    17.02.2006 | From February, 11-th till February, 14-th the international exit seminar of teachers of English language from Russia and England, organized by the Department of education of Moscow together with the British Council has passed. The basic purpose of a seminar - an exchange of experience, an establishment of friendly contacts to schools of England, development of the long-term program of cooperation. From Zelenograd educational district in work of a seminar teachers of school №1150 have taken part.

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