Social life

Social life
Zelenograd takes an active part in social life of the capital. The major political event in year 2005 was the election to Moscow City Duma that took place on December, 4. Our voters made their choice in favor of Viktor IVANOV, a candidate for single-mandate constituency. Among political parties the preference was given to "YEDINAYA ROSSIYA" - the citizens elected Igor PROTOPOPOV to Moscow City Duma. Zinaida DRAGUNKINA, who had twice represented our interests in Moscow Duma today serves as a senator and a member of Federal Council.
Year 2005 was very complicated from social point of view. In the beginning of it the bill on social benefit monetization came into effect. The response to it was rather ambiguous. City Administration and Moscow Mayor Yuri LUZHKOV promised to do their best to preserve the benefits for Muscovites and they kept their word.
The improvements in social sphere were mainly connected with new medical institutions. They are a well-equipped Dental Clinics available to all Zelenograd citizens and a Hospice. Hotel for elderly people "NIKOLSKY PARK" opened its doors to its first guests. This project is unique since thereґs no such hotel in any other Moscow district. Maternity Home in Alabushevo will receive first expectant mothers already this year.
Zelenograd differs in this particular sphere from other Moscow districts in a great way. Itґs true to say that thereґs no other district with such intense building in social sphere. This year we celebrated several important dates.They are  anniversaries of Russian Pension Fund and Social Center "VERA".
By the way, social benefits monetization in the district went well, without any problems. So, the major events of the year 2005 are the following: three social institutions were set into operation. They are a new Dental Clinics, Hospice and Hotel "NIKOLSKY PARK."