School plays an important role in our life. Studying and finding out something new is a leading spiritual need of a human being. Thats why we spend a considerable part of our life in school. First we go to primary school, then to the secondary and afterwards to the higher institutes. So its quite natural that nowadays education is in the center of attention. The economic situation in our country improved greatly so the authorities finally started to think about the future. It is well-known that children are our future. Future prosperity of our country depends on their upbringing and education.
This year brought some positive changes to Russia, Moscow and Zelenograd. But there are some alarming tendencies as well. For example, the commercialization of Higher Educational Institutions is still increasing.
This year we celebrated several anniversaries of educational institutions. The main one is the 40th Jubilee of the largest Zelenograd College - MIET (Moscow State Institute of Electronic Technology (Technical University). Its well-known for its achievements, teaching staff, and graduates. Its educational policy is future-oriented. Its projects are oriented on Russian breakthrough in high tech sphere.
Kindergartens 14, CPMSS and schools 845, 897, 719, 1913, DOU (infant schools) 454, 444, 455, 861, 2310 and others have also celebrated their anniversaries.
Our educational district is still one of the best in Moscow. It was awarded the 1st place in the contest of the capitals districts, 2005.
The program "STOLICHNOYE OBRAZOVANIE-4" (Capital Education-4) is still working as well. Our pupils won several "Olympiads" (special school contests). 203 school graduates received medals for excellent study. (84 gold medals and 119 silver ones.) Teachers have also shown first-rate work. They took numerous places in numerous pedagogical contests and proved to be one of the best. Computerization of all Zelenograd schools was over this year.
The Museum of Soviet Union Marshal K. ROKOSSOVSKY was opened in school 1150. Kindergarten 2292 (the Head - L. DENISOVA) became the best in Moscow and won the city contest "Kindergarten 2005". Primary school-kindergarten 1853 (director G. KUVSHINOVA) was the best in "Moscow Yard-2005" contest in category "The Best School and Kindergarten Yard".
The director of primary school-kindergarten 1762 L.KRUGLOVA won All-Russian Contest "Leader in Education" in nomination "Leader in Pre-school Education."
  • 5th MB-JASS International Student School

    5th MB-JASS International Student School

    28.03.2011 | The co-leaders of Moscow-Bavarian Joint Advanced Student School MB-JASS, MIET rector Yuri A. Chaplygin and Munich Technical University professor Ernst Mayr lead off its work. Then words of welcome from the school sponsors, head of Siemens branch in Russia Andrey Bartenev and vice president of Synopsys company, MIET professor emeritus Rich Goldman followed, as well as greetings sent by deputy Minister of Education and Science of Russian Federation S. V. Ivanets.

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  • MSABA Experience Studied in Germany

    MSABA Experience Studied in Germany

    07.12.2010 | Moscow State Academy of Business Administration represented Russia at the Russian-German Entrepreneur Day which was held in Frankfurt am Main University of Applied Science (Fachhochschule Frankfurt am Main, FH FFM). The head of Academy Department for Development and Innovations, Masters degree program professor Denis Kuznetsov made a report on Russian and German universities role in small and medium business enterprises formation.

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  • MSABA - one of the first members of Bologna club

    MSABA - one of the first members of Bologna club

    01.07.2010 | MSABA became one of the first members of Bologna club. The organization consolidated major Russian higher education institutions which entered into the engagement of Russian higher education system reforming and creating the Common Education Space within Europe. Bologna declaration was carried on the 19th of June, 1999 by 29 European Education Ministers. Now Bologna process is a consolidation of 47 countries. Russia joined it in September, 2003.

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  • MIET is the national research university

    MIET is the national research university

    04.05.2010 | As MIET rector Y. Chaplygin, corresponding member of RAS, informed at the press conference on the 29th of April Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation contest committee MIET was assigned the status of national research university. It demonstrates the recognition of the institutions achievements in education, research activities as well as innovations. The university will also receive significant long-term state financing backing, which is to amount 1.8 milliard RUB for 5 years.

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  • The exchange programme

    The exchange programme

    21.04.2010 | According to the agreement MIET managerial economics and justice faculty (institute) students who studied management Bachelors programme for 3 years or Masters programme for a year can continue their education in Calabria University. In Italy Russian students will engaged to the third (the last) course of Bachelors programme or the second one of Masters programme respectively (Company Economics course, economics faculty). In a year, after diploma defense the student receives two state diplomas - one of Calabria University and the other one of MIET.

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  • A master class

    A master class

    18.03.2010 | Isidzima Kaori, master hand of Japanese calligraphy, taught a master class for 5-8th forms students of specialist language school 1353 who study Japanese as the second foreign language. The visiting lecture was organized by JAPANFOUNDATION department of All-Russia State Foreign Languages Library named after M.Rudomino.

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  • Vice president of Siemens' visit

    Vice president of Siemens' visit

    17.03.2009 | MIET was visited by Martin Gitzels, D.Ing., vice president of Siemens LLC (Russian subsiduary of Siemens group) and director of Siemens Corporate Technologies in Russia department. The visit was connected with the acquaintance to MIET scientists studies in biomedical equipment and microelectronics as well as considerating possibilities for further sinergy. Mr Gitzels accompanied by MIET informatization and international activity pro-rector S.Umnyashkin and microelectronics department chair professor S. Timoshenkov visited biomedical systems chair laboratories as well as hemodialysis laboratory where artificial kidney apparatus is being constructed.

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  • MB-JASS 2009

    MB-JASS 2009

    04.03.2009 | From March 2nd till March 11th Moscow-Bavarian student school MB-JASS 2009 (Moscow-Bavarian Joint Advanced Student School) takes place in MIET. It was one more step towards cooperation of our countries. MB-JASS is supported by Siemens group, Synopsys company and Unterschleissheim Innovations Society (ICU). The students school participants were greeted by Munich technical university professor, German director of MB-JASS doctor Ernst Meir, Synopsys company vice president Rich Goldman, vice president of Siemens LLC (Russian subsiduary of Siemens group) Martin Gitzels, D.Ing., as well as deputy prefect S.Gagin.

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  • ARM company delegation

    ARM company delegation

    16.02.2009 | MIET was visited by ARM company delegation. Advanced RISC Machines (Great Britain) is one of the biggest international programmers of 32-bit RISC processors modern architecture for portable devices. ARM licenses its own technology to such companies as Atmel, Cirrus Logic, Intel, Marvell, NXP, Samsung, Qualcomm, Sony Ericsson, Texas Instruments that implement it. MIET already cooperates successfully with NXP and Intel companies.

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  • The delegation from Mongolia

    The delegation from Mongolia

    03.02.2009 | MIET was visited by Mongolia science and technology state university headed by its rector professor B.Damdinsuren. The aim of the visit was signing the cooperation agreement with MIET. MIET informatization and international activity pro-rector S.Umnyashkin, doctor of science presented MIET education and research activities to the guests as well as described its achievements in nanotechnology and nanoengineering. The delegation was especially interested in students exercise programmes in electronics and nanotechnology as well as unique high technology skill acquisition equipment produced at MIET-Proton facility.

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  • French guests in MIET

    French guests in MIET

    23.01.2009 | On January, 20 MIET was visited by L'ecole des Mines d'Ales higher technical school (France) delegation. It was welcomed by MIET informatization and international activity pro-rector S.Umnyashkin, doctor of science, as well as Innovation Complex representatives. French guests got acquainted with the university activities and visited its research laboratories, Nanotechnology in Electronics shared centre and quantum physics chair laboratories as well as biomedical systems chair laboratories. The delegation was especially interested in the university innovation activity. During the visit the opportunities of cooperation between MIET and L'ecole des Mines d'Ales in education and innovation activities were discussed.

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  • Childrens festival

    Childrens festival

    09.12.2008 | Traditional childrens festival Kid`s World under the motto "Paint your world green" took place in Tulsa (the USA) - Zelenograd sister city. The festival was organized by Tulsa Global Alliance (TGA) non-commercial fund. Some thousand children from all over the world took part in it. It was in the first time that children and teenagers from Krukovo social shelter (Zelenograd) were invited to join the festival.

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  • Bioengineering conference

    Bioengineering conference

    15.07.2008 | During Bavaria Days in Russia the 4th Russian-Bavarian bioengineering conference (RBC - 2008) with the participation of two Russian higher technical education institutions - MIET and MSTU (Moscow State Technical University n.a. N.E. Bauman) - as well as two German institutions - Minich Technical University and Friedrich-Alexander University (Erlangen-Nuremberg) - was held in MIET.

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  • Moscow State Academy of Business Administration

    Moscow State Academy of Business Administration

    30.05.2008 | Moscow State Academy of Business Administration became a known center of Russia sustainable development research. During these 10 years five international workshops on the problem that were recognized by educational society of Russia and other countries were held in the institution. This year Academys Eurasian Center of Sustainable Development has won Russian Humanitarian Academic Foundation grant for 2008.

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  • The third Moscow-Bavarian student school MB-JASS 2008

    The third Moscow-Bavarian student school MB-JASS 2008

    06.03.2008 | From February 26th till March 5th the third Moscow-Bavarian student school MB-JASS 2008 (Moscow-Bavarian Joint Advanced Student School) took place. It was one more step towards cooperation of our countries. For the first time Belarusian and Armenian students took part in the school as well. The participants were greeted by deputy prefect S.Gagin, Munich technical university professor, German director of MB-JASS doctor Ernst Meir and representatives of sponsoring companies ProCurve Networking, Siemens and Synopsys.

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