News about twin-cities

  • Untershlyayskhaym and Zelenograd met again

    Untershlyayskhaym and Zelenograd met again

    20.02.2014 | 

    Zelenograd was visited by delegation from Untershlyayskhaym’s German twin-city. The cities are on friendly terms 14 years. In 2004 of the relation between Untershlyayskhaym and Zelenograd were fastened by the protocol on cooperation.

  • Zelenograd delegation visited Unterschleissheim twin-city

    Zelenograd delegation visited Unterschleissheim twin-city

    03.01.2011 | Zelenograd was represented by the first deputy prefect A.Mikhalchenkov, head of Zelenograd Centre for Entrepreneurship Development M.Scherbakov, general director of Business Incubator Zelenograd A.Abgaryan and specialists of Centre for Entrepreneurship Development.

  • Zelenograd representatives in Bavaria

    Zelenograd representatives in Bavaria

    11.01.2010 | Bavarian twin-city was visited by Zelenograd representatives, such as first deputy prefect of Zelenograd A.Mikhalchenkov, head of Territory administration of federal special economic zones management agency A.Kovalev, head of Zelenograd Centre for entrepreneurship development M.Scherbakov, general director of Zelenograd Business Incubator Zone A.Abgaryan etc. From 18th till 25th of December the delegation visited the events to strengthen business and friendly ties between Zelenograd and Bavaria.

  • Moscow days in Bavaria

    Moscow days in Bavaria

    15.10.2009 | The sixth Moscow days in Bavaria started in Munich. More than 60 Moscow representatives of Moscow and over 150 representatives of Bavaria companies took part in the event. Zelenograd was represented by first deputy prefect of Zelenograd A.Mikhalchenkov as well as head of Zelenograd Centre for entrepreneurship development M.Scherbakov.

  • Russian-Bavarian conference

    Russian-Bavarian conference

    10.04.2008 | Zelenogradґs delegation participated in Russian-Bavarian "Bavaria as a "window to Europe" for Russian companies" conference which took place on April, 4th in Munich (Germany). During the event the participants could exchange views, study foreign colleaguesґ experience as well as listen to the speeches. First deputy prefect of Zelenograd A. Mikhalchenkov who headed the delegation made a presentation which described the long-standing friendly and partnership relations of Zelenograd and Unterschleissheim. Representatives of Moscow Chamber of Commerce and Industryґs Zelenograd branch and head of Zelenograd Centre for entrepreneurship development M.Scherbakov also took part in the conference.

  • Tulsa delegation

    Tulsa delegation

    25.03.2008 | Zelenograd prefect A.Smirnov welcomed Zelenogradґs twin-city Tulsa (Oklahoma, the USA) delegation. The guests has come to take part in Zelenograd semicentenary as well as to discuss the prospects of further cooperation in social and educational spheres, business and high technologies. The delegation consisted of the head of "Tulsa Globals Alliance" association I.Krivtsova, "Tulsa Globals Alliance" association board director I.Boyd, representative of Tulsa business intelligentsia M.Boyd. Our participants were the deputy prefect A.Nemeryuk and the head of Zelenograd social development administration M.Tishinyova.

  • The tripartite agreement

    The tripartite agreement

    17.03.2008 | In Zelenograd prefecture the tripartite agreement of Zelenograd twin-city Unterschleissheim (Bavaria, Germany), Zelenograd AD and Moscow Chamber of Commerce and Industry about Moscow business centre building in Unterschleissheim was signed. The president of Moscow Chamber of Commerce and Industry L.Govorov stressed the fact that it is a long stride towards Russian-German relations development. It is the first example in Russia, Germany and perhaps Europe when small and medium business enterprises invest in building export. Zelenograd enterprises are among the project initiators and first participants.

  • Visit of Bernd Pantze

    Visit of Bernd Pantze

    13.02.2008 | On the 12th of February the head of Bavaria Ministry of Economics mission in Russian Federation Bernd Pantze visited Zelenograd and met deputy prefect A.Telminov and head of Zelenograd Centre for entrepreneurship development M.Scherbakov. During the meeting future development cooperation of Zelenograd and Bavaria regions and Unterschleissheim city particularly in the field of high technologies were discussed.

  • Expansion of cooperation

    Expansion of cooperation

    15.09.2006 | The agreement on expansion of cooperation between Innovative community Unterschleissheim (ICU e. V.) and the Center of development of business ZelAd of Moscow prepares for signing. On conditions of the agreement Innovative community Unterschleissheim and the Center of development of business take upon themselves the organization of consulting bureaus: in Bavaria - Russian, in Zelenograd - German.

  • Delegation of Unterschleissheim

    Delegation of Unterschleissheim

    01.09.2006 | On September, 1st the prefect of ZelAd Anatoly Smirnov met delegation of twin-city of Zelenograd Unterschleissheim (Bavaria, Germany) which was headed by 1-st burgomaster Rolf Tsaitler. Among visitors there was a member of board of directors of the company "Dynamis GmbH" Ralf Muller, the representative of investment bank "Volksbank Ismaning eG" Thomas Tsaitler, the coordinator of the Russian-Bavarian attitudes Victor Gandga (technical university of Munich).

  • The grand opening of congress-hall

    The grand opening of congress-hall "Ballhouseforum"

    17.03.2006 | The grand opening of congress-hall "Ballhouseforum" took place in the Zelenograd twin-city Unterchleissheim (Bavaria). Unique building became one of the most modern and large congress-halls in Germany. Among of the 2 thousand guests delegation of Zelenograd took place of honour. The Prefect A. Smirnov warmly congratulated the burgomaster Rolf Tsajtler and presented to the German friends the performance of the Zelenograd chorus "Kantylena".