On March, 14 delegation of Siemens representatives and the first deputy of Moscow city Mayor Yury Roslyak visited Zelenograd. Among the participants of the visit were Siemens central board members Rudi Lamprecht and Klaus Vuherer and Siemens Russia president Dietrich Moeller.
The receiving line consisted of the prefect of Zelenograd Administrative district of Moscow Anatoly Smirnov, MIET rector Yury Chaplygin and deputy head of Moscow territorial administration of the Federal Agency for Special Economic Zones Management Anatoly Kovalev.
During the visit the members of delegation were introduced with the presentation of the SEZ "Zelenograd" and the first work results of the current residents of the special zone.
It is an interesting fact, that Zelenograd and Bavaria (Siemens head office is in Munich) have already established friendly and business relations, Zelenograd is a twin-city of German Unterschleissheim. Collaboration of Siemens with Russia lasts for 15 years already and, according to Y.Roslyak it is a favorable moment to deliver it to the new level. In turn, Siemens managers affirmed the intention to realize projects in the special economicс zone "Zelenograd".