Main construction works on some “Zelenograd” SEZ sites are over

Main construction works on some “Zelenograd” SEZ sites are over

Main construction works on some “Zelenograd” Special Economic Zone sites are over. An event devoted to this issue was organized by OAO OEZ Moscow Affiliate, with participation of Mr. Andrey Novozhilov, Deputy Prefect, Mr. Oleg Kostin, OAO OEZ General Director, Mr. Yuri Vassiliev, Head of OAO Special Economic Zones Moscow Affiliate, representatives of contractors and residents. The inspection of the infrastructure objects under construction took place.

The participants visited MIET site waste treatment facilities almost ready for commissioning, watched final works at Alabushevo site and visited construction sites of some residents, such as OOO GDC Energy Group, ZAO NII ESTO, OOO Sapfir Invest.

Passage # 4803 is fully commissioned, including bridge over Skhodnya River.

Mr. Novozhilov and Kostin have noted that the project is developing, the obligations of engineering and city infrastructure are fulfilled, the residents have already come to the Alabushevo construction site. This means that the quality leap happened in infrastructure construction and the point of no return was passed.