Zelenograd company PICASO 3D supports the holding of the WorldSkills

Zelenograd company PICASO 3D supports the holding of the WorldSkills

At the 45th world championship on professional excellence according to WorldSkills standards, which is held in Kazan, the Zelenograd company PICASO 3D presents its development – Designer X Pro 3D printers.

– Here you can see the operation of the equipment, get acquainted with examples of products. Designer X Pro 3D printers are used in competitions for the competencies «rapid prototyping», «industrial design», «operation of wireless aviation systems» and «space systems engineering», said Irina Arapova, project manager at PICASO 3D.

Designer X PRO is a tool for fast, accurate prototyping with various materials (including engineering, composite polymers) and small-scale production. It allows you to significantly reduce the time of implementation of new developments and significantly save money. The main feature of Designer X PRO is the ability to print in two materials, as well as the use of the latest technology – JetSwitch. Designer X PRO features a closed case, automatic table calibration and an interactive display. The company's engineers further increased structural strength by using steel elements in critical locations.

The full potential of Designer X PRO is revealed when printing geometrically complex models.

PICASO 3D is the first Russian manufacturer of 3D printers, a leader in the production of personal 3D printing devices in Russia.