A special technical-inculcational zone

A special technical-inculcational zone

In February the leader of federal agency on the management by the special economic areas Y. Jdanov visited MIET (rector is corresponding member of RAS Y. Chaplygin).
During his tour he visited a variety of scientific laboratories and the exhibition of achievements of MIET, and also met with guidance of the Institute.

The visit was bound up with the creation in Zelenograd a special technical-inculcational zone in which the innovative complex of MIET entered.

Technical-inculcational SEZ will develop on two areas: on the territory of innovative complex MIET by the area of 5,5 hectares and industrial area Аlabushevo by the area of 150 hectares. It is planned that about 15 thousand of employees will work on the territory of the technical-inculcational zone.