Technical-introductional zone

Technical-introductional zone
At session of district board the question "About primary measures on creation of technical-incalcational zone" (TIZ) has been considered.
With the basic lecture Alexander Telminov, the chief of department of science and industrial policy of the prefecture of ZelAD has made a speach. He has reported that the purpose of creation "TIZ" is development of innovative activity in the area of high technologies by means of commercialization of scientific developments and creation of high technology productions of new types of competitive products.
As basic directions of activity of residents in "TIZ" 20 scientific and technical directions has been declared in area of microelectronics and electronics, telecommunications and connection, information technologies. The attractive moment for the residents of TIZ "Zelenograd" is a number of given privileges. Among them:
·        decrease in the uniform social tax from 26% to 14%;
·        release from the tax on property of organization-resident during 5 years  from the moment of its statement on the account;
·        release from the land-tax of organization of resident for the period of 5 years from the moment of occurrence of the property right to the ground area presented to it;
·        customs privileges.
For the present moment intention to become residents of TIZ "Zelenograd" have stated more than 30 scientific organizations and the industrial enterprises.