People of Zelenograd, who wanted to vote at home, got this opportunity

People of Zelenograd, who wanted to vote at home, got this opportunity

A habitant of the 20th district Rimma Timofeevna Pronina voted at home – it's difficult for her to walk, although otherwise she is in great shape, sane, have strong memory and good sense of humor.

She started working from the age of 16 as a teacher in junior classes. Then, when her family returned from the evacuation from Kazan to Moscow, she worked for a while at the Gorbunov’s factory. Then she returned to the children: she started working there in the factory, but already in the factory’s kindergarten.

And when she came to Zelenograd in 1966, she went along the same path: in kindergarten №455 she worked as an educator, then as a manager. Having retired – working with children is troublesome! – she went to work again, as a nurse. 54 years – is the total work experience of Rimma Timofeevna! And only a few entries in the work book. That's what faithfulness means!

And she is the same with the elections.

– Your choice is to vote today, why?

– I have been working since 16 years, of course, as an agitator too, because I was a Komsomol member. All my life I agitated others to go to the elections, and I never missed it.

Even now, without being able to personally come to the site, Rimma Timofeevna didn’t refuse her choice.

Two young representatives of the election commission, accompanied by a guard of law (this is the order!) brought to the house an urn for voting, ballots, in due course acquainted the elector with the data on the candidates ("Yes, I already know them," – Rimma Timofeevna commented), in the lens of the camera did not get the graph, which will fill the voter, sealed the urn and went on – on other home voters.

– How many people vote at home? – we asked.

– Many of them.

The older generation is active as always!