“Journey to Christmas” Festival Ended in Zelenograd

“Journey to Christmas” Festival Ended in Zelenograd

From December 14 to January 13, Yunosti Square has become the festival site in Zelenograd.

Most of the visitors: both children, and teenagers, and adults were attracted to the skating rink. In a warm chalet, experienced chefs taught young cooks to cook traditional Russian dishes.

Much attention was attracted by the installation that allowed to see one’s "snow portrait" after "blowing in a snowflake". Also everyone could feel themselves to become a DJ and learn the basics of this skill.

The children and their parents were happy to get a free ride on the double-decked festive merry-go-round.

Guests of the festival tested the device for warming hands. Also, they could watch puppet shows.

Attention was also attracted to the slide, where everyone could learn for free how to ride a snowboard and meet Olympic champions in winter sports.

Father Frost and Snow Maiden gave away candy to children for reciting poems and guessing riddles. They also congratulated Zelenograd people on the New Year.

Residents of the district took pictures near each eye-catching object of the festival: magic chest, crystal ball, with the chalet on the background. Parents took pictures of their children in the colorful New Year's “bus”. But most people wanted to take a photo next to the picturesque New Year tree, the tallest in the city.