The "Frontier of Glory" passed in Zelenograd


On May 4, across the whole of Zelenograd, the diagonal of St. George's ribbon over 5 km long passed. It was held in the hands of the pupils of the district schools and their teachers – in the total amount of several thousand people.

The ribbon marked "The Frontier of Glory" – the action, that in this year not only separately passed in the Kryukovo district, but also the whole of Zelenograd, as a city on whose territory the victories of the Soviet people in the Great Patriotic War were laid.

The action did not depart from the annual tradition – a mass meeting was held at the mass grave in Kamenka, attended by representatives of the military and veteran organizations of the district, municipal deputies, members of the military commissariat, cadet classes, students and schoolchildren. The concert part of the rally was organized by the "M CLUB".

The path of the "Frontier of Glory" was completed at Shtyky – a solemn column of participants made its way along the St. George ribbon stretching through the whole of Zelenograd. Here they laid flowers.