Volunteers from MIET greeting guests of the World Cup

Volunteers from MIET greeting guests of the World Cup

June 14 in Russia, the most anticipated event of this year – the Football World Cup 2018 – started. Volunteers, selected and prepared by “Mosvolunteer”, help to provide a comfortable stay of football fans in Moscow.

The Volunteer Center of the NIU “Moscow Institute of Electronic Technology” realize the program “Urban Volunteers” in the “Transport” direction, whose tasks including coordinating and meeting guests at railway stations. Representatives of MIET work in shifts, from June 14 to July 15, mainly at the Leningradskiy, Yaroslavskiy and Kazanskiy railway stations. This was told in the press center of university.

From October to December 2017, MIET selected and conducted interviews for all directions for those wishing to become a volunteer. Of the 250 people who applied for the program, 195 candidates were approved. The training of the volunteers was conducted by the “Mosvolunteer” and assumed three stages: general and functional training and on-site training. Candidates were told about the safety rules at mass events, about actions in an emergency situation, about the peculiarities of working with disabled people and persons with HIA, and also volunteers received trainings on interaction with the guests of the capital.

At the expense of the MIET Volunteer Center more than 30 successful projects for 5 years, including work on sports events. In 2017, more than 70 students of our university took part in the organization of the Confederation Cup, each of them worked on average more than 40 hours.