5th MB-JASS International Student School

5th MB-JASS International Student School

The co-leaders of Moscow-Bavarian Joint Advanced Student School MB-JASS, MIET rector Yuri A. Chaplygin and Munich Technical University professor Ernst Mayr lead off its work.

Then words of welcome from the school sponsors, head of Siemens branch in Russia Andrey Bartenev and vice president of Synopsys company, MIET professor emeritus Rich Goldman followed, as well as greetings sent by deputy Minister of Education and Science of Russian Federation S. V. Ivanets.

During the first day of the school two demonstration lectures took place, «New Rules for the New Normal. Onward into The Age of Nano Tech!» by Rich Goldman and «The History and Perspectives of (Coronary) Stents» by Bernhard Hensel (Friedrich-Alexander University Erlangen-Nurnberg).

During that week professors, postgraduates and students of leading technical universities of Bavaria, Moscow and Erevan worked in two sections, «Medical Implant Technology and Biosignal Processing» and «IC Design Challenges and Methods for Contemporary Technologies». MB-JASS programme also comprised the field lecture in Research Institute of Transplantology and Bioartificial Organs (for biomedical section) as well as demonstration lectures by Ernst Mayr, «From Petri Nets to Polynomials and Back: Models, Their Complexity, and New Algorithms» and «Pattern Matching – Index Structures for Huge Texts».