Science and Industry

  • International research and technology conference

    International research and technology conference

    28.11.2008 | On the 27th of November the final sitting of Microelectronics and Nanotechnology 2008 international research and technology conference was held. More than 70 reports were presented at the conference, and a lot of them were practically oriented. Several reports were made in cooperation with scientists from other countries such as CIS countries, the USA, Canada, Germany and Sweden.

  • N-2008


    15.11.2008 | The 5th international exhibition N-2008 supported by Governments of Moscow and Russian Federation was held in the universal showroom of Moscow Government building. It was organized by MKM PROF company under the auspices of Moscow department of science and industry politics as well as Moscow committee on science and technology.

  • The cooperation agreement

    The cooperation agreement

    01.11.2008 | Within the framework of the third Russian-Chinese economic forum the cooperation agreement was signed by head of NIIME I Mikron Company G. Krasnikov and vice president of China National Machinery Import&Export Corp. (CMC) Wu Yue. This agreement opens new stage of cooperation of the companies. In March 2007 they signed the agreement of microelectronic devices procurement to China for a term of 5 years within the framework of the former USSR redemption of national debt intergovernmental agreement.

  • German delegation

    German delegation

    25.09.2008 | Zelenograd was visited by German delegation headed by Frankfurt am Main deputy burgomaster Edvin Schwarz. Prefect A.Smirnov described to the guest Zelenograd history and the outlooks of the city companies as well as informed them about small and medium business support system in Russia. In turn, the German delegation presented Ritberg territory development plan. Ritberg is supposed to become a science and new technologies area as well as Zelenograd.

  • The delegation of Cuba

    The delegation of Cuba

    15.09.2008 | On the 11th of September MIET was visited by the delegation of Cuba lead by study counsellor of Cuba State Counsil Fidel Castro Dias-Balart. The son of legendary comandante graduated from Moscow State University in 1972. The aim of the visit was getting acquainted to Russian solutions in nanotechnology, biomedicine etc. The delegation visited relevant laboratories and examined their equipment.

  • German delegation in Zelenograd

    German delegation in Zelenograd

    26.04.2008 | On April 21st German delegation headed by Berlin deputy governing burgomaster Harald Wolf visited Zelenograd. On the delegation there were heads of Berlin senate economics administration department and Adlershof science town management company as well as business society representatives. They were hosted by Zelenograd prefect A.Smirnov, deputy prefects A.Mikhalchenkov, A.Telminov and A.Khurumov, head of Zelenograd Centre for entrepreneurship development M.Scherbakov and acting head of Territory administration of federal special economic zones management agency A.Kovalev.

  • Ambassador of France

    Ambassador of France

    18.04.2008 | Ambassador extraordinary and plenipotentiary of France Stanislas de Laboulaye visited MIET. Mr. de Laboulaye was accompanied by the delegation of embassy representatives, businessmen and French reporters. The visit was aimed to nanotechnology achievements of the university scientists. After the reception at MIET rector RAS corresponding member Yu. Chaplygin (it included the university and its research programs presentation) the delegation visited "Nanotechnologies in electronics" public centre, Nanoelectronics hardware components laboratory as well as Cadence and Synopsys companies training facilities.

  • "Innovative Zelenograd"

    05.02.2008 | On February 7-8 the "Innovative Zelenograd" workshop conference which is devoted to Zelenograds semicentenary will be held. The conference is organized by Zelenograds prefecture for analizing the innovation development level of Zelenograd and proposal development of its boosting. The conference program provides for plenary session and information visit to Technopark structures of Zelenograd as well as SEZ "Zelenograd" territory. During the event industry enterprises and small research and technology companies will demonstrate their solutions, inventions and progress.

  • Eugeny Balashov

    Eugeny Balashov

    25.01.2008 | Eugeny Balashov is a new name in Moscow government and Science and Industrial Policy City Board. Last December he took up his duties as deputy minister and deputy head of the Board. He is in charge of innovations as well as realization of "Moscow innovation system development" target program. Visit to Zelenograd became a step forward to the program development as Zelenograd plays a key role in it.

  • NIIME i Mikron

    NIIME i Mikron

    24.12.2007 | NIIME i Mikron OJSC of Citronics IT concern and Zelenograd reconfirm their being unofficial centres of Russian microelectronics. Both the city and the production facility were highly praised by first vice premier Sergey Ivanov during the opening ceremony of the plant for microchips of 0,18 micron layout level production.

  • Zelenograds delegation in Duesseldorf

    Zelenograds delegation in Duesseldorf

    10.12.2007 | Zelenograds delegation (first deputy prefect A.Mikhalchenkov, head of Special Economic Zones federal agencys territorial administration S.Komyagin, head of Zelenograd Centre for entrepreneurship development M.Scherbakov, head of Moscow Chamber of Commerce and Industrys Zelenograd branch A. Novikov and deputy head of Moscow Chamber of Commerce and Industrys Zelenograd branchs supervisory board A.Gritsai) visited Duesseldorf (Germany).

  • The delegation from Mongolia

    The delegation from Mongolia

    13.11.2007 | The delegation from Mongolia (the mayor of Ulan Bator Ts.Batbayar, the governor of Chingeltei region B.Ochirbat, the ambassador extraodinary L.Khangai and other highlight officials) visited Zelenograd. The guests attended Technopark "Zelenograd" and familiarized themselves with "Zelenogradvodokanal" company. The mayor of Ulan Bator was especially interested in environmental equipment as the problem of pollution became the question of the day in their city.

  • A session of board

    A session of board

    01.02.2007 | A session of Board of directors of Zelenograd electronic industry organizations chaired by the prefect of Zelenograd administrative district of Moscow Anatomy Smirnov was held on January, 31 in the prefecture. Due to the specific character of economy development in the town, a several decades ago a board of directors of Zelenograd companies that are engaged in the electronic industry was created. The sessions of the board are held twice a month, this time the agenda was devoted to the special economic zone "Zelenograd".

  • World Robot Olympiad

    World Robot Olympiad

    18.12.2006 | The World Olympiad of robots "World Robot Olympiad" took place in China (Nanning) in which more than 500 children from 16 countries and more than 150 commands have taken part, including combined team from Zelenograd. Its structure included pupils Interschool option (laboratory) of a robotics. In spring 2006 robotics of Zelenograd won superiority of Russia on LEGO-robots and achieved the right to represent Russia on WRO-2006.

  • Regional exhibition

    Regional exhibition

    23.10.2006 | From October, 12 till October, 15th, 2006 the Regional exhibition "Innovation Messe Unterschleissheim" passed in Unterschleissheim on which under the invitation of First burgomaster Untershljajshajma Rolf Tsaitler Zelenograd has been presented, the twin-city of Unterschleissheim. The first burgomaster of Unterschleissheim, Mr. R. Tsaitler visited the stand of Zelenograd, noted successful development of partner attitudes between two cities.