Over 450 Residents of Zelenograd Gathered for "Memorial Race"

Over 450 Residents of Zelenograd Gathered for

Traditional “BIM” marathon was held in Zelenograd timed to coincide with the anniversary of the Soviet counterattack in the Battle of Moscow.

Various distances were prepared for marathon participants, and more than 450 participants have registered, of various ages and level of training. Everyone wanted to win, and the race was an honest competition.

The athletes were not scared neither by the snow, nor by the frost, nor by the early start. The solemn part, laying flowers to the memorial complex "Blindage" and the hosts’ speeches, was followed by the start of the marathon.

A little later, a 10 km and a symbolic non-competitive distance of 1941 m races were held. After the finish, participants warmed themselves up with hot tea and buckwheat porridge. The competition was completed by the ceremony of awarding the winners.

Such events are a reminder of the price at which the victory in the Battle of Moscow was won. The counterattack near Moscow began on December 5th, 1941, and included important military battles that took place on the territory of modern Zelenograd.