The mainstream of town-planning development and engineering maintenance of Zelenograd till 2010 is a new housing construction. A core of housing policy is maintenance with habitation district persons included in a waiting list due to input of new habitation and reconstruction of apartment houses of the first period of industrial housing construction.

According to the plan of 2000 in district are put into operation of 9 apartment houses by the area of 64,7 thousand sq.m., 2 shops: shop " Vegetables-fruit " with adjoining territory for the organization of street trade and guest parking place on 45 auto/places and shop " Products ", 28 trading pavilions by the area of 1,6 thousand sq.m, 21 attached premises in apartment houses by the area of 4,9 thousand sq.m., industrial-warehouse base in an industrial zone "Alabushevo" - 3,4 thousand sq.m., clearing constructions on 240 thousand cube.m/day, 2 gasoline stations, reconstruction of cinema "Electron" therefore it became one of the technically advanced cinemas of Moscow is executed, and this list can be continued.

According to the Investment program of the Government of Moscow for 2001 volumes of construction in the district of a floor space for resettlement of citizens under the program of reconstruction in volume 63,3 thousand sq.m. are certain. Demolition of 9 houses by the area of 28,1 thousand sq.m is supposed.

There is come to an end a construction of an extension of a reception of city hospital.

Design works on an apartment house for lonely pensioners and invalids, on a psycho neurological and narcological clinic, a maternity home, a stomatologic polyclinic come to an end.

In the end of 1998 in Zelenograd has been constructed the Ice palace which enjoys now huge popularity: sections of hockey, figure skating, curling are already over flown. In September, 2001 there is begun construction of swimming pool.