City emblem

On the shield having the same form as the arms of Moscow the two diagonal crossbelts symbolize two federal mains connecting Moscow and Saint-Petersburg: the main-line and the highway which pass through the territory of the town.
The golden microcircuit on the green field symbolizes the leading part of the electronic industry as the main town-forming direction of the townґs development.
The silver obelisk on the red field in the form of three joined bayonets with the pedestal symbolizes the eternal glory of the defenders of Moscow who stopped the enemy on the approaches to the capital in 1941.
The golden squirrels sitting on the fir-tree and oak branches and holding the arms shield symbolize the abundance of coniferous and leaf-bearing forests within the precincts of the town and its environs and also the organic connection with the living nature of the Zelenograd inhabitants feeding the squirrels from hands.