Zelenograd validators accept contactless payments in Europe and Asia

Zelenograd validators accept contactless payments in Europe and Asia

Payment terminals developed by the Zelenograd company "Terminal Technologies" are used in transport companies in Europe, Asia and post-Soviet states including Russia. Valitek validators are built into turnstiles or installed in ground transport salons.

Residents of the Czech Republic, India and other countries have been using Zelenograd electronics for a long time, which allows them to pay for public transport not only with MIFARE cards, but also contactless Bank cards, smartphones with NFC and QR codes.

The Valitek terminal is a compact validator for transport with a large 3.5" color screen. The products of Terminal technologies combine affordable product price, reliability and high technical characteristics: record speed of card processing, working with the "black list" and displaying the QR code. Valitek validators work directly from the on-Board network and are easy to install and replace.

This approach allows you to minimize costs and make payment with cards and smartphones available in all cities of Russia and countries around the world. Zelenograd electronics can be easily integrated with monitoring and fiscal systems. The use of Valitek in developing countries in Asia confirms that low-cost payment terminals for transport are promising even in regions with low incomes.

Passengers can meet Zelenograd electronics when paying for travel on the Aeroexpress train to Moscow Sheremetyevo airport. Embedded Transitek payment terminals developed by Terminal Technologies group are integrated into the turnstiles. Major projects include equipping stadiums for the 2018 World Cup. Already more than 70 thousand terminals from Moscow work in transport all over the world, and more than 20 thousand – in retail and vending.

– Payment by Bank and transport cards is very convenient. At the same time, it is important for passengers to choose the payment method. If you do not have the necessary transport card, it is much more convenient to use existing contactless cards or mobile phone with NFC, without wasting time on ticket registration. Valitek validators and Transitek payment terminals made in Zelenograd allow you to pay for travel with your Visa, MasterCard, MIR Bank cards or smartphones with Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay, – said Dmitry Kornienko, marketing Director of Terminal technologies group.