Zelenograd returns to normal life

Zelenograd returns to normal life

Restaurants and cafes

On June 23, 165 of the city's 170 restaurants, cafes and bars reopened.

There are a lot of people on the summer porch at the entrance to one of the restaurants.

– Since the opening of summer verandas, we now always have this situation! People missed delicious food, good music, and freshly ground coffee. We can finally welcome guests inside the restaurant. But in this weather, everyone wants to sit in the fresh air. Therefore, we plan to open another additional summer veranda – Ksenia, the restaurant's art Director, shared her plans.

– We are very glad that now you can get out like this – not for a couple of hours twice a week on a pass, but just like that! So we went out specially to celebrate this event, – said a restaurant visitor Natalia, who came here for lunch with her son Ivan.

– Of course, I am happy to return to normal life. There are a lot of work to do, but we missed it all so much, – Kristina, the waitress, said.


Public service centers

Centres of public services «My documents» started to accept visitors without an appointment.

At the entrance to the multifunctional center of the Staroye Kryukovo district in Zelenograd, we were measured the temperature. Masks and gloves are required.

There wasn't a single queue in the office. Employees ' workplaces are separated by special protective glass barriers, and the floor is marked to maintain social distance.

According to the head of the center, Anna Gontar, all the services that the multifunctional centers provided before the start of the self-isolation regime are now fully provided again. The most popular are assistance in obtaining a foreign passport and paying for housing and utilities services.


On fresh air

Since June 23, residents of Zelenograd can again use playgrounds, benches, gazebos and outdoor exercise equipment.

In the Park of the 40th anniversary of Victory, everything looks like before the beginning of the pandemic. As if the regime of self-isolation did not exist at all.

As last summer, children run and have fun here. Teenagers sit on benches and eat ice cream, couples sunbathe on the grass.

The restraining tapes were gone from the playgrounds, and they were filled again with laughter and ringing voices.

Looking at all this, we can say with confidence that the city and its inhabitants are really returning to their usual life.