Zelenograd company Terminal Technologies has successfully passed the MasterCard audit

Zelenograd company Terminal Technologies has successfully passed the MasterCard audit

Payment terminals developed and manufactured by Terminal Technologies Group have successfully passed the audit of the MasterCard payment system. The electronics for transport and vending of the T2100 series have once again confirmed their compliance with the Terminal Quality Management (TQM) requirements.

Compliance of mass electronic products with high quality standards is an essential requirement of international payment systems. The goal of the TQM program, developed and maintained by MasterCard, is to continually maintain the quality of payment terminals. Two hundred, two thousand, and two hundred thousand devices must be of the same quality as the first product to undergo in-depth EMV functional testing.

It is not the first time that Terminal Technologies Group has been tested by MasterCard TQM. Previously, production in Latvia and a partner company plant in Kaluga were certified. This time the company's own production in Russia was presented for the audit, as well as the terminals of the T2100 series produced on it.

The COVID-19 pandemic has left its mark on the verification process. TÜV SÜD from the UK (Hampshire) conducted the entire audit remotely, in compliance with coronavirus restrictions. The auditors conducted a detailed analysis of production, quality control and management processes, formulated recommendations for improving production processes. The Terminal Technologies Group of Companies has successfully passed all stages of the audit, confirming its compliance with the TQM requirements.

– «Terminal Technologies» is the only Russian developer and manufacturer of POS terminals and validators for contactless payments, successfully exporting products to Europe and Asia. Despite the pandemic, we have passed a complex audit by TÜV SÜD in accordance with MasterCard TQM requirements. Our VENDOTEK POS terminals, VALITEK validators, and TRANSITEK turnstile readers have reaffirmed safety and compliance with international quality standards, – said Igor Sukhostavskiy, General Director of Terminal Technologies.