The world's first coronavirus vaccine will be produced in Zelenograd

The world's first coronavirus vaccine will be produced in Zelenograd

The world's first registered vaccine for the prevention of coronavirus infection will be produced at the Zelenograd factory Binnopharm. This was reported by the press service of AFK Sistema.

- The world's first vaccine for the prevention of coronavirus infection has been registered. It was developed by the Gamaleya Research Institute of Epidemiology and Microbiology. According to the registration certificate, the only site for vaccine production in Russia, in addition to the Gamaleya Institute itself, will be the Binnopharm pharmaceutical plant in Zelenograd, the report says.

President of AFK Sistema Vladimir Chirakhov explained that the capacity of the Binnopharm plant currently makes it possible to produce about 1.5 million doses of vaccine per year.

- We plan to equip the plant with additional equipment, which will increase the volume of vaccine production. First of all, vaccines can be provided to Russian doctors, who, being at the forefront of the fight against coronavirus, are today the main risk group. The first batches of the vaccine are already ready for shipment to the regions of Russia, - he said.

It is explained that the uniqueness of the vaccine lies in shortening the time it takes to develop immunity to the virus. According to the Gamaleya Center, during the first vaccination, humoral cellular immunity is developed, and after the second, memory cells are formed - one of the main properties of the vaccine. Clinical trials of the vaccine started in June 2020. Mass production of the vaccine is scheduled to start by the end of this year.

The press service noted that the Gamaleya Institute was one of the first not only in Russia, but also in the world to complete preclinical studies of an experimental vaccine against coronavirus. The results of clinical studies have confirmed the safety and effectiveness of the drug.