A center for the production of electric motors will appear in Zelenograd

A center for the production of electric motors will appear in Zelenograd

A project for the construction of a center for the development of innovative electric motors on the territory of the Technopolis Moscow special economic zone has been approved. This was announced by the Chairman of the capital's Committee on pricing policy in construction and state expertise of projects Valery Leonov.

– Technopolis Moscow is one of the key platforms for the development of innovative technologies in the capital. Mayor Sergei Sobyanin has repeatedly stated the importance of developing a special economic zone, where all conditions are created for production, scientific and technical research. At the Alabushevo site, a modern center will be created for the development of highly energy-efficient electric motors that can be used in industry and housing and utilities, as well as in electric transport, – Valery Leonov said.

There are designed foyer, security post, showroom, meeting rooms and offices, medical center and a large block of sanitary and office premises.

There will be a testing laboratory, a nitrogen-compressor station, and an anechoic room. They will set up different areas for the production of electric machines, radio-electronic controllers and technical control.

There are eight staircases and four elevators for moving through the floors, including a 2.5-ton load capacity.

An engineering site for the equipment of cooling systems will also be created.

– About 150 people will work in the production complex, which will be able to produce up to 550 electric machines for General industrial and special purposes, as well as up to 50 electric drive systems based on asynchronous motors, – added Leonov.