Zelenograd Orchestra Studio "Harmony" celebrates its 50th anniversary

Zelenograd Orchestra Studio

The unique musical team – the orchestral studio "Harmony" of the Zelenograd Palace of Children and Youth Creativity – celebrates its 50th anniversary. Due to the great interest in the work of the collective and the popularity of its concert performances, the Moscow City Council of Trade Unions provided the Harmony Orchestra with the October Hall of the House of Unions. On April 14, 2018, a festive concert will be held at 3 pm.

Orchestral Studio "Harmony" is an exemplary children's collective, and now has more than 100 students. Created on the basis of the amateur orchestra of Russian folk instruments by the virtuoso teacher A. Kirik, the studio became famous far beyond its native Zelenograd.

Students of the studio are laureates of international competitions "Unity of Russia", "We are for Peace", "Sounds and colors of the capital", the art festival "Debut", All-Russian competitions "Zelenograd Suite of Childhood", Open Competition of N.Budashkin Orchestra Collections, All-Russia Festival The Patriarchal Choir of the Cathedral of Christ the Savior, Moscow city competitions "Relay of the Arts, Musical Muscovy", "Golden Placers of Russia".

More than 10 graduates of the studio "Harmony" became professional teachers and performers. The collective implements programs of a civil-patriotic orientation, actively cooperates with public and social organizations in the field of artistic and aesthetic education of children and teens.

 The main task of the teaching staff is to preserve and develop the academic traditions of performing on Russian folk instruments, to attract children and adolescents to collective musical and performing creativity.