Russian Ski Run in Zelenograd

Russian Ski Run in Zelenograd

It is for the 3rd time already that Zelenograd became a participant of the All-Russian mass ski race “Russian Ski Run”. At the Angstrem stadium, 3 tracks of various distances waited for ski lovers. 1500 participants gathered from Zelenograd and from the immediate vicinity, including Skhodnia, Solnechnogorsk, Malino and others.

The first to start were the young skiers, some with their parents. The youngest participant was 8 months old! And the most "adult" participants were 12 years old. They had to go 2.5 km lap and identify the strongest.

This was followed by a massive race of 13–17 year olds and women from 18 to 50+with 2 laps (5 km). No one left the race, and everyone was passionate to be the first to cross the finish line.

The longest was the “male” distance of 10 km. From the very start, all skiers (from 18 years and far beyond 50) rushed forward to victory, but after a couple of laps, most of the participants got tired and walked the distance just for themselves.

While some were awarded, others still relentlessly struggled with the distance. And the fact that they did not win did not upset them at all, because the main thing is the love of sports and skiing.