“Stay at home for us”: Zelenograd doctors join the global flash mob

“Stay at home for us”: Zelenograd doctors join the global flash mob

Employees of the Zelenograd city hospital joined the stay-at-home flash mob. Doctors around the world are urging people to isolate themselves to stop the spread of coronavirus and help doctors fight the pandemic.

Head physician of Zelenograd hospital Oleg Gridnev:

- The President signed a decree - in Russia, from March 28 to April 5, non-working days are set with salary remaining. And this is not a reason for a new round of panic, but the opportunity to protect the country from the widespread spread of a new coronavirus infection.

The Moscow Mayor signed a decree - in the capital from March 26 to April 14, people over 65 or suffering from chronic diseases must be in self-isolation.

And this is not a reason for hysteria attacks, but concern for those residents of the capital for whom COVID-19 infection is especially dangerous.

What is the basis of these decisions?

Home quarantine and isolation in compliance with all necessary hygiene rules is the best preventive measure.

We hope that fellow citizens will take advantage of the “holidays” with health benefits, both personal and public. To save the world without getting up off the couch is real today. And everyone can do it.

And we continue to work. All units of our hospital went on high alert. We maximize outpatient service. At any moment, we are ready to help our colleagues who, sparing no effort, battle an insidious invisible enemy. Stand with them shoulder to shoulder.

We are together and we will win!

Please, stay at home!

Such a contribution to victory is now simply invaluable !!!