Zelenograd journalist received the second vaccination against «corona»

Zelenograd journalist received the second vaccination against «corona»

Earlier, I wrote about how I was vaccinated against the coronavirus.

I talked about how I decided to take part in the post-registration study of the Sputnik V vaccine. Let me remind you that after the vaccination, my temperature rose a little from time to time. Later everything returned to normal, there were no other undesirable effects.

On the 20th day after the vaccination, a friendly woman from the Zelenograd vaccination center called on my mobile phone and invited me to have a second vaccination. What for? The fact is that Sputnik V is a two-component vaccine. Thanks to the second injection, an increase in the immune response can be achieved. And you cannot enter both components at the same time, since they are incompatible.

Thus, 21 days after receiving the first component of the vaccine, I returned to the vaccination center. This time, despite the evening time, the preparation procedure for the vaccination went quickly. They measured my temperature and pressure and sent me to the treatment room. 40 minutes after vaccination, another short physical examination – everything is ok.

The next day I woke up with symptoms of a real cold. I received a call from the telemedicine center and recommended to drink a pill of paracetamol. Soon they called back again to find out if the temperature had been reduced. Yes, it worked.

In the following days, as well as after the first vaccination, the state of health was already good. However, the temperature from time to time ranged from normal to 37.4. Yes, it's unpleasant. But it's better this way than wallowing with a high temperature and suffering for several weeks, being infected with COVID-19.

Despite the abundance of information about «Sputnik V», many still think that there is a coronavirus in it and people who are vaccinated get sick with it in a mild form. It should be repeated once again: there is no COVID-19 in the vaccine! Vaccinated people do not become sick or contagious. Sputnik V is based on recombinant vectors. These are special structures created in the laboratory that help deliver the active substance of the drug to the body. When a vaccine is administered by intramuscular injection, vectors enter the cells of the human body, in response to this, a protein is produced in it, to which its immune system will respond. As a result, immunity against COVID-19 is formed.