Zelenograd journalist experienced a coronavirus vaccine Sputnik V on himself

Zelenograd journalist experienced a coronavirus vaccine Sputnik V on himself

Unusual questions, fears of loved ones, colleagues and friends, jokes about «covid man» and a small fever are the only side effects of coronavirus vaccination that I have had to deal with.


Should I get vaccinated?

I don't know if I would have been vaccinated under some other circumstances, but still the profession obliges. Plus, I have already written positive articles about the Sputnik V vaccine. It would be hypocritical then to refuse to get vaccinated when the opportunity presented itself.


Informed consent

As soon as I arrived at the Zelenograd vaccination center, I was asked to read the research participant information sheet. A 16-page document contains all the details of the upcoming procedure. I read without stopping.

I learn that the coronavirus vaccination, which is now taking place in Moscow, is the third stage of the study of the Sputnik V drug, thanks to which it will be able to obtain a permanent registration certificate and finally nullify all doubts about the safety and effectiveness of the vaccine.

The document suggests not to rush to agree to be vaccinated, to think, to discuss this decision with relatives and friends. It is emphasized that the decision on whether to vaccinate or not is up to you. Even by signing an informed consent, you can refuse to participate in the study at any time.

Important: there is no coronavirus in the Sputnik V vaccine. Neither «alive» nor «dead». Vaccinated people do not become sick or contagious.

– The basis of the vaccine is recombinant vectors. These are special structures created in the laboratory that help deliver the active substance of the drug to the body. When the vaccine is administered by intramuscular injection, vectors enter the cells of the body. In response to this, a protein is produced in the human body, to which its immune system will respond. As a result, immunity against COVID-19 is formed, - the document explains.

The drug is said to have been shown to be safe and effective when tested in animals and then in humans. 18 volunteers received individual components of the vaccine, and 20 were vaccinated in full therapeutic mode, that is, they received two vaccinations. It is said that on the first or second day, many of them had fever, chills, weakness, pain in muscles and joints, headache, loss of appetite. These symptoms are common with many other vaccinations. But these unwanted effects were short-lived and went away on their own.

Sputnik V is a two-component vaccine. After 21 days, you will need to visit the clinic again and get a second vaccination.

Alcohol should not be consumed three days before and three days after vaccination. For six months after vaccination, it is recommended to refrain from excessive consumption of alcoholic beverages and not to smoke more than 10 cigarettes a day.

The life and health of all study participants are insured.

So the decision has been made. I sign all the necessary documents, after which they measure my temperature, pressure, take blood and urine for tests and promise to call back in a few days. During this time, specialists check the collected biomaterials for coronavirus, antibodies to it, all kinds of diseases, drugs and alcohol.


You are eligible to participate in the study

Two days later, a call comes in. A friendly voice on the phone informs me that I have no contraindications, and I am eligible to participate in the study.

On the same day I go to the clinic. There are a lot of people at the Zelenograd COVID-19 vaccination center from 6 to 9 pm. It is not surprising, because everyone with whom I stood in line is working people.

I signed another pile of documents, my temperature and pressure were again measured and blood was taken for tests. And they invited me to the treatment room. Here it is – a refrigerator with the coveted vaccine! After waiting for it to defrost, I was given an injection. The sensations immediately after the vaccination were reminiscent of the feeling of the injection of calcium gluconate – a heat that spreads from the injection site throughout the body.

Half an hour later, another short physical examination is carried out. Everything is okay. The doctor asks to install the Check Covid-19 application on my phone so that I can keep a diary of my well-being.


How are you feeling, Mikhail?

The next day I felt uneasy. I felt like I had drunk a couple of cans of cheap strong beer yesterday. I measured the temperature – 37.5.

On the second day, the state of health was already normal, the temperature was lower – 37.1. Within a week after vaccination, the temperature changed from normal to 37.2. I felt good about it.

Caring doctors called several times. They found out if everything is normal with my health. They will contact me from time to time for another six months.