Zelenograd journalist Mikhail Vorobev: Sputnik V vaccine is working!

Zelenograd journalist Mikhail Vorobev: Sputnik V vaccine is working!

On September 30, I received the first component of the Sputnik V coronavirus vaccine. After 21 days, as expected, I was injected with its second component.

Let me remind you of my own impressions of the injections. The state of health noticeably worsens only the next day after each of the vaccinations (flu symptoms appear), then everything returns to normal. However, during the week, the temperature rises slightly from time to time. Seven days after the introduction of each of the components of the vaccine, this problem also disappears.

FACT: There is no coronavirus in the Sputnik V vaccine. The vaccinated person does not become sick or contagious.

On the 42nd day after the first vaccination, I am invited to donate blood for an antibody test. However, as it turned out, the results of this test will only be known to vaccine researchers. They won't tell me.

At the same time, no one forbids passing another test on your own. I sign up for a free analysis, I come at the appointed time to the clinic. They take my blood, and in less than a day the results are already in the electronic medical card.

– You have antibodies to the virus, which suggests that you have been infected and may have had an infection in a latent (asymptomatic) form, – I read in the document.

It turns out that the vaccine works!

In exchange for a couple of days of feeling unwell and two weeks of a slightly elevated temperature, I got immunity from the «corona». I will also note one more positive effect of vaccination, which could be useful to many. Getting rid of the so-called «coronapsychosis», which often turns out to be no less dangerous than the virus itself. You feel more secure.

To what extent and for how long? Experts have yet to answer these questions, but the new research results are encouraging.

– A second interim analysis of clinical trial data showed a 91.4% efficacy for Sputnik V on the 28th day after the first injection. The effectiveness of the vaccine on the 42nd day after the first injection exceeds 95%. During the tests, specialists still did not identify unforeseen adverse events. Monitoring of the participants' condition continues, – the vaccine's official website says.

Over the past month, publications have appeared in the media about the ineffectiveness of Sputnik V. It was reported that after vaccination, a person became sick or did not have antibodies. At the same time, dissatisfied people often forget that the research participants could have been injected not with "Sputnik V", but a placebo, which all participants are warned about. In Moscow, a dummy substance is received by every fourth person vaccinated against the coronavirus. If a person falls into this group of subjects, it is not surprising that no antibodies will be found in him.

On December 2, Vladimir Putin announced plans to begin large-scale coronavirus vaccinations for doctors and teachers as early as next week. A day later, Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin announced the possibility to sign up for vaccinations from 4 December to education, health care workers, as well as employees of city social services. According to the mayor, in the coming weeks, as large quantities of vaccine arrive, this list will be expanded. Vaccination stations will start working on December 5.