Residents of Zelenograd told why they decided to be vaccinated with the Sputnik V

Residents of Zelenograd told why they decided to be vaccinated with the Sputnik V

Irina Alymova, employee of the sphere of culture:

- I have always been a supporter of preventive vaccinations, and from the coronavirus was no exception.

When the covid vaccine test began, I was concerned about it. I began to study materials in the media about the vaccine and its principles of action, read the chats of the participants in this study, in which they talked about the vaccination process and the first results. This information, namely the stories about the appearance of antibodies to coronavirus in all participants in the vaccination, became defining for me. I also feel personally responsible for the health of my family and loved ones - and I make my micro-contribution to the fight against the virus.

On New Year's holidays, I got my first covid vaccine. In three weeks I will do the final second. I feel good, I don't see any side effects. There was very little weakness and slight pain at the injection site. So I am for the vaccine!


Irina Andrianova, manager:

- First, I believe in science. Secondly, I had a mild illness at the end of March 2020. After the illness, I had a very low antibody titer, and I am not eager to test myself for the possibility of re-infection. In addition, a new strain has been recorded in more than 40 countries, so I want to reduce the likelihood of re-infection with coronavirus.

I don't think the vaccine was rushed. Yes, it was released quickly. But! This technology has already been tested for another infection. In a pandemic, all the forces of the scientific world were thrown into development. And I believe that a vector vaccine based on adenovirus, in principle, is not capable of doing harm.

Of the side effects, I only experienced a high fever on the first night after vaccination, as well as pain at the injection site and aches. I feel better now.

I only regret one thing. If people were more responsible towards others, my mother could wait for this moment and stay alive.


Denis Karasev, head of the printing house:

- My wife and I were vaccinated with the Sputnik V vaccine for reasons of common sense and our own safety.

Having carefully studied scientific publications on the principles of the action of coronavirus on the human body, as well as the chats of the participants in the vaccine study, I was convinced that the vaccine should be done as soon as it becomes available.

If most of us are vaccinated, then an immune layer will form in the population and the circulation of the virus in the population will be difficult.

In addition, I have concerns that Sputnik V may soon become a scarce drug.

To all doubters, I advise you to better study the principle of the vaccine and the comments of people who became participants in the Sputnik V drug study. Anticipating readers' questions, I tell you: thousands of people have been vaccinated, they have already acquired immunity to COVID-19. And they don’t observe any terrible side effects.