Is it possible to enter a shopping center in Zelenograd without a mask?

Is it possible to enter a shopping center in Zelenograd without a mask?

Now a person without a mask in a public place is a rarity. We believe that the majority of residents of Zelenograd observe the mask and glove regime not because of the threat of being denied service or a fine, but because they really worry about their health and the safety of others.



A few weeks earlier, we had already done a report on observance of the mask regime in public transport. I must admit that what we saw then did not please us. Today on the bus we met only one passenger without a mask! We did not receive a clear answer to the question of why he does not wear it.


The shops

We took off our masks and gloves and tried to enter the mall. The experiment came to an end at the entrance: we were not allowed to pass. I had to put on all personal protective equipment again.

We walked through the floors, looked into several shops. The result of our observations is that everyone wears masks, and most also wear gloves.



Since the beginning of the restrictive measures, it is impossible to enter the Zelenograd market without personal protective equipment. Security at each entrance does not allow visitors without a mask.

We walked through the stalls, watched buyers and sellers. We did not notice people without masks.

Moving towards the exit, we witnessed a scandal. The vegetable shop assistant refused to serve the customer, who took off his mask.

– You have no right! Everybody went crazy! I came to the market, not to the hospital! Why do I need a mask?! – the man shouted.

The saleswoman calmly continued to work with other buyers. The cursed man, noticing the guards approaching him, walked towards the exit.

– How often do you have such situations? – we asked the saleswoman.

– Several such people come across during the day... This is not the worst case! It happens that they begin to talk nonsense about medical conspiracies ... And I have to repeat: «Without a mask, I have no right to serve you». Explain to them why it is important, but they don’t understand me, – said the saleswoman Anna.

When we got to the exit, we unwittingly overheard a conversation between two sellers:

– Do you know what our Petya died from? Yes, from the coronavirus. He was brave: «I won't sit at home, wear your masks yourself». So this disease quickly took him away. In just a week...