The Mayor of Moscow visited the pharmaceutical complex Biocad in Zelenograd

The Mayor of Moscow visited the pharmaceutical complex Biocad in Zelenograd

At the Alabushevo site of the Technopolis Moscow special economic zone, the first stage of a pharmaceutical plant built by Biocad was put into operation. Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin visited the Zelenograd enterprise.

- Soon the enterprise will begin production of drugs for the treatment of cancer under an offset contract, - said the mayor of Moscow.

Regular contracts for the supply of drugs, according to the mayor, typically lasted from a few months to a year. After that, the city remained in its own interests, and the manufacturer - in its own.

“This did not stimulate long-term investment in medical technologies and pharmaceuticals,” Sergei Sobyanin said. - Now we can conclude long-term contracts under the obligation not only to supply medicines, but also to create ultra-modern pharmaceutical production.

When concluding an offset contract, as the mayor explained, suppliers undertake to establish appropriate production facilities in Moscow. In turn, the city authorities are obliged to purchase products from the enterprise in certain quantities.

In particular, purchases of medicines from Biocad will be made for about 2 billion rubles (nearly $27 million) per year during 2021-2027. The new production facility should produce 40 oncological drugs. Investments of Biocad in the creation of production will amount to 3 billion rubles (nearly $40 million). In the fall of 2020, the sections for secondary packaging and quality control of products will be commissioned, and in a year it is planned to launch biological and chemical production for the production of 40 finished dosage forms and two pharmaceutical substances.

As the Deputy Mayor of Moscow for Economic Policy and Property and Land Relations Vladimir Efimov said, the city saved about 14 billion rubles under this contract.

Deputy Mayor Anastasia Rakova and Prefect of Zelenograd Anatoly Smirnov also took part in the inspection of the new production.

- The first stage of production will be launched, I hope, in the coming weeks. During the year, this entire huge complex - more than 40 thousand square meters - will work. This is one of the most modern factories in Russia that meets all international standards, - stressed Sergei Sobyanin.

According to the mayor, four such contracts with a guarantee of long-term investment have already been signed in Moscow, worth 70 billion rubles (almost $933 million) for a ten-year cycle.