Special economic zone Technopolis Moscow celebrates International Women's Day

Special economic zone Technopolis Moscow celebrates International Women's Day

The special economic zone Technopolis Moscow includes five sites, four of which, Alabushevo, Mikron, MIET and Angstrem, are located in Zelenograd.

There are 25 women in the top management of companies in the Technopolis Moscow. Half of them work in the production of microelectronics, optics and electronic equipment, said the general director of the special economic zone Gennady Degtev.

- In seven companies of the capital's special economic zone, women occupy senior management positions - the posts of general directors, in another 25 companies women are represented in top management. Hundreds of female employees of enterprises located in the Technopolis Moscow refute the myth that technical professions are only for men. In addition, there are more women in industries working in the field of microelectronics than in other industries. Large enterprises such as Mikron and Angstrem employ 48 and 60 percent of women, respectively. This is due to the peculiarities of technologies, where the performance of a large number of precise operations is practically on the verge of art, - said Gennady Degtev.

At the high-tech enterprises of the Technopolis Moscow, women are involved in the development and production of laser modules, 3D printers and scanners, telecommunications equipment, microelectronics, composite materials, lighting products, radiation-resistant power supplies, medical equipment and pharmaceuticals.

On the pre-holiday working day, the special economic zone changed its appearance - it was decorated with balloons, and women were greeted with flowers. For the first time in a special economic zone, a contest "Come on, techno girls!" was held, in which representatives of the companies competed in resourcefulness and artistry, and also creatively presented the manufactured high-tech products.