Another modern drug factory will appear In Zelenograd

Another modern drug factory will appear In Zelenograd

In Zelenograd, another modern pharmaceutical plant will soon appear, equipped with the latest technology. This was told by the chief architect of Moscow Sergey Kuznetsov.

– The project is extremely relevant for Moscow from an economic point of view, as these are large investments and the creation of additional jobs. In addition, residents of the technopolis have certain benefits. The total area of ​​the new drug manufacturing plant will be about 30 thousand square meters, – he said.

It will house production facilities with quality control laboratories, warehouses, a conference room, a meeting room, office premises, an archive, a dining room, distribution rooms for staff and visitors.

– Offices will occupy about 4 thousand square meters, production – about 9 thousand square meters, storage facilities – about 1800 square meters. The plant will enable the production of hospital and preferential segment drugs for the treatment of cardiological, oncological, psychiatric, respiratory diseases, as well as multiple sclerosis and chronic renal failure, – Sergey Kuznetsov said.

The project is implemented by the pharmaceutical company R-Opra, which became a resident of the Technopolis Moscow Special Economic Zone last year. Currently, 57 high-tech industries are located on the territory of the Special Economic Zone, which receive a number of preferences from the city: tax incentives, ready-made engineering infrastructure, the regime of a free customs zone, etc.