Anna Korobova: The future is difficult to predict, but it can be purposefully formed

Anna Korobova: The future is difficult to predict, but it can be purposefully formed

The National Technology Initiative in Russia has set the task of being at the forefront among leaders in new markets that are just emerging today.

– Last year I was at the World Skills Championship of Professional Skills in Kazan, said Anna Korobova, Deputy Head of the Department of Economics and Prospective Development of Zelenograd Prefecture, leading expert of the Russian and European Quality Award assessor. – In 2013, in Leipzig, a Russian team for the first time took part in the tournament and appeared at the last place. The country has created a system of competitions and training, mentors. In 2017, Russia became the first, and last year we took second place in the overall standings.

According to Anna Korobova, our country has proposed a number of Future Skills that are being formed right now. For example, industrial robotics, the Internet of things, quantum technologies, modeling clothes in a virtual environment (digital fashion designer) and agriculture.

– During the World Skills Championship, I managed to ride a Yandex drone in Tatarstan, the science city Innopolis. The car stopped before crossing, let pedestrians pass, kept a distance. We traveled around the city at low speed.

It is interesting that in December the final of the national technological competition «Winter City» for drones took place. They created conditions close to real city: evening, rain, when the markings are not visible in some places, railway crossings, pedestrian dummies. Racers created a traffic stream. In three hours, the drones had to walk a minimum of 50 kilometers along this route. Such difficult competitions were held for the first time in Russia and the world. The technological barrier has not yet been overcome.

A year has passed. As you can see, science and technology are moving forward rapidly. Cyborgs? Fiction starting to become reality. Drones? Professions of the future? Digital economy? They penetrate our lives.

Try not to be late: what seemed like a distant future will become present tomorrow.