In 2005 our sportsmen took part in more than 500 competitions of various levels - from "neighborhood championships" to Russian, European and World ones.

Zelenograd citizens are fond of spectacular of kinds of sports. The main ones are winter and summer motocrosses  for the Prefect Anatoly Smirnov prize and extreme "Jeep-trial". These contests are quite prestigious. The best racers participate in them. Sports festivals on parachute jump accuracy became a Zelenograd tradition. This year a special tandem landed on the MIET stadium. That was the world champion and chief trainer of Russian national team on parachute sports Sergey RAZOMAZOV and Deputy Perfect Alexey NEMERUK. While the world champion had already made over 11 thousand jumps, for Mr. NEMERUK it was the 25th one.
Height has always attracted human souls. Journalists are not an exception. Thatґs why the executive secretary of our newspaper "SOROK ODIN" ("41") Ivan LAZAREVICH has mountaineered in August the top of Mt. Elbrus together with the MIET climber team.
A bit earlier Zelenograd hosted Halfmarathon. It attracted over 1200 participants, not only sportsmen form Zelenograd, but also from the rest of Russia, CIN and other countries. Together with world champions pupils and elderly men (those who are over 70) participated in this contest. Of course the distances for them were shorter.
What makes sports attractive for people of different ages and characters? I think the best answer for this question was given by the Olympic Champion of 1964 and a legendary weight-lifter Yuri VLASOV in the title of his book: "To Master Yourself". Itґs true that potential spirit and physical strength reserves always look for a vent not only through some everyday situations but through sports as well.
Although the difference still exists. Letґs take a sprinter as an example. He puts all training experience, physical activity and desire to win on a 100-meter distance in 10 seconds. A sportsman having hit the bullґs eye after a couple of minutes knows heґs a champion of the country in shooting.
The second season in a row it took our football club "Zelenograd" several months of intense games to win silver medals in the III League of Russian Championship.
8-year old Vasily KOROLEV spent a day in fights with his coevals to become a World Champion in Tae Kwon Do. He brought home from Korea 2 Gold Medals.
We should also mention the world champion in Russian billiard Yuri PASHCHINSKY. He is the member of Russian National team. Once again he confirmed his world-class status on the World Championship. Our team won the 1st place. Thus Y. PASHCHINSKY became World Champion for the 2nd time. We should also mention that he represented Zelenograd and wore the uniform with the emblem of our popular billiard club "NAKAT."
Itґs impossible to enumerate here all the names of our best sportsmen who won the most prestigious Russian and international championships. It would be easier to publish a separate newspaper since more than 50 different kinds of sports are popular in Zelenograd. Well, it is already clear that our sportsmen occupy the leading positions everywhere and they are not going to give them up.
  • Zelenograd karatekas victories

    Zelenograd karatekas victories

    03.10.2011 | Zelenograd is rightly seen as the most advanced Moscow territory in every sport. This year is the third one for Zelenograd to take part in All-Russia Martial Arts Games and the most successful one for our sportsmen. As deputy prefect A.Nemeryuk reported, the members of Zelenograd karate team won two golden, one silver and three bronze awards.

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  • Zelenograd volleyball team to be the champion of Russia!

    Zelenograd volleyball team to be the champion of Russia!

    26.09.2011 | National volleyball competition among veterans teams of all age categories was held from September, 20th till September, 25th in Lazarevskoe. Zelenograd women’s team became the champion of Russia in ‘45+’ age categories, with sweeping in all the competitions including ones with the most strong ones of Moscow and Saint Petersburg. Zelenograd team acknowledged its title of Russia Cup winner which was won this February.

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  • The 6th Paraspartakiada Open Games in Zelenograd

    The 6th Paraspartakiada Open Games in Zelenograd

    13.09.2011 | The 6th Paraspartakiada Open Games for disabled people took place in Zelenograd on the 10th of September. The competition was organized in every age category, from children to veterans. It included 12 sports, with about 300 participants from every Moscow territory, as well as Krasnogorsk, Serpukhov, Podolsk and Podolsk district (all – Moscow region), Vladimir and Volgograd.

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  • Childrenґs international car run

    Childrenґs international car run

    01.08.2010 | Childrenґs international car run through European countries was held from the 9th till the 22nd of July. It was devoted to the 65th anniversary of the Great Victory in the II World War. The car run was organized by Traffic Safety Youth Centre of Moscow. 15 pupils between 11 and 17 as well as Centre activists took part in the run. 9 cars of the participants ran 7200 km. Their way was prepared to visit most countries that took part in contesting fascism. 18 cities of such countries as Russia, Belarus, Poland, Germany, France, Italy, Austria, Croatia, Slovenia and Czech Republic were visited during the car run.

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  • Zelenograd athletes won medals at the First World Figure Skating World Cup

    Zelenograd athletes won medals at the First World Figure Skating World Cup

    01.01.1970 | 

    Medals were received by Zelenograd skaters Amelia Antonovich, Maria Kapichnikova and Evelina Araushkina.

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